Dungeon Siege II aangekondigd
Gepost op Dinsdag 13 Mei 2003 22:09 door Wouter Jansen

De Microsoft Game Studios heeft bekend gemaakt Dungeon Siege II (RPG) uit te gaan brengen. Gas Powered Games heeft de taak van de ontwikkeling op zich genomen, net zoals bij de populaire voorganger, Dungeon Siege. Op de E3 die komende dagen in Los Angels is, zal een trailer te zien van deze game die in 2004 zal moeten verschijnen :

Microsoft Game Studios today announced that Dungeon Siege II, the sequel to the best-selling RPG from Gas Powered Games, is currently in development and is slated for release in 2004. A trailer for Dungeon Siege II will be shown at E3, the annual video game convention taking place in Los Angeles from May 14 through 16. Visitors to the Microsoft booth (South Hall #1246) will be treated to a taste of the vision and direction of this upcoming title. This cinematic feast for the eyes showcases the extraordinary capabilities of the Dungeon Siege II engine, as the entire movie was created in-engine.

"Run to the village and warn the chickens!” said Chris Taylor, president of Gas Powered Games. “At this year’s E3 we are showing the first sneak peek of what we have in store with Dungeon Siege 2. To emphasize the advances we have made in the RPG genre, we created a very special trailer using the actual in-game rendering engine. The future is here and we are all extremely excited to be a part of it with the announcement of the next title in the Dungeon Siege franchise."

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