Thief 3 officieel aangekondigd
Gepost op Vrijdag 9 Mei 2003 22:42 door Sander Dalemans

Vandaag heeft Eidons Interactive officieel het laatste deel in de Thief 3 serie aangekondigd. Het was al wel bekend dat Ion Storm met dit laatste deel bezig zou zijn, maar het was nog niet officieel aangekondigd.

"The opportunity to create a game in the Thief universe is a real thrill for me and the rest of the folks at Ion Storm," said Warren Spector, Studio Director at Ion Storm. "Thief pioneered the concept of "stealth action" gameplay on the PC and was the game that, more than any other, inspired me to build a team to create Deus Ex. Now, Ion and the Thief team hope to take the 'sneaker' genre to new heights and, by developing for both Xbox and PC, bring it to an even larger audience than before."

An innovative new key feature in Thief is "body awareness," which gives players the ability to see their hands and feet while climbing walls, leaning over ledges, and picking locks. Working hand-in-hand with body awareness is Ion Storm's dynamic lighting system. Garrett can manipulate the light and shadows real-time to his own advantage, creating entirely new stealth opportunities.

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