Patch versie 1.4 klaar voor C&C: Generals
Gepost op Donderdag 13 Maart 2003 23:28 door Sander Dalemans

EA Pacific heeft het voor elkaar gekregen om een nieuwe patch in elkaar te zetten voor het spel Command & Conquer: Generals. Dit bestandje brengt je spel versie omhoog naar 1.4. De patch kan geďnstalleerd worden door in te loggen op Westwood Online, als je ingelogd bent hoef je alleen nog maar opnieuw in te loggen. Hieronder volgen de fixes die deze patch bevat:

Fixed the "repeat games in the custom match game list" problem.
The game can now track who the offending disconnector is in a game. That player will get a loss and also lose a rank point.
Changed the lobbies to only list the games contained in that lobby. Also renamed all of them after different countries...USA, Germany, Korea, UK, Australia, China, Europe, Asia, etc.
Fixed a problem where the user could sometimes lose connection to Generals Online.
Increased the allowed time for game to negotiate matching between players.
Added the 3:00 rule for a game to count on Generals Online.
Made a change for modders...added –directory command line.
Fixed the rank hack where some players appear to have a higher rank than they should.
Fixed the "no artwork" problem for a Random Private.
Fixed an autosave problem in the Korean/Chinese versions.
Fixed a crash related to user DPI setting.
Added a new multiplayer map.
Made some balance adjustments (may change):
Tunnel Network build speed decreased.
Marauder Tank hit points increased.
Stealth Fighter hit points increased.
Explosion damage done by Chinese Nuke Tanks when they are destroyed reduced.
Nuke Cannon locomotor changed so it moves thesame speed when damaged, not faster.
Aurora speed increased after it drops a bomb. Damaged speed increased.

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