Command & Conquer: Generals deze week nog klaar
Gepost op Dinsdag 21 Januari 2003 23:51 door Sander Dalemans heeft contact gehad met Westwood Studios om eens te kijken hoe het met Command & Conquer: Generals staat. Westwood wist te melden dat het spel deze week nog klaar is. Dit zal betekenen dat het zeker de geplande release datum zal halen op 14 februari.

Just to follow up on last weeks inquiry, I touched base with Westwood Studios to see if their title has indeed gone gold or if the wait is still on. I thought the magic words would come, but instead read this...

We should go gold this week.

Westwood Studios is very careful about their gold announcements and we'll most likely hear about this one with an official Press Release. Whether it's by an official e-mail or press release, we'll have the news here just as soon as received.

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