Nieuwe patch voor Freedom Force
Gepost op Zaterdag 18 Januari 2003 23:41 door Sander Dalemans

Irrational Games heeft een nieuwe patch klaar voor het spel Freedom Force. Deze patch zorgt er onder andere voor dat je gebruik kunt maken van Surround Gaming dat ondersteund wordt door de Matrox Perhelia kaart. De 6,4Mb grote patch kan bij 3D Gamers gedownload worden.

Version 1.2

New Features
- Enabled Surround Gaming for Matrox Parhelia
- Hypnosis speech added

Code Fixes
- Fixed text edit caret jumping to the end of the field when typing
- Fixed crash when entering danger room with an invalid campdef.dat
- Custom characters now run around when they run out of ep in the danger room
- Fixed Alex's Danger Room mod not working
- Fixed odd display of prestige bonuses
- Fixed: after selecting a 'beneficial' power effect in the power creation screen, the stun and knockback boxes would never reappear
- Fixed: characters would run in place while an active defense was in use
- Fixed: 'Max Instances' box was grayed out
- Fixed: Ambient sounds continuing after the end of the mission
- AIs flying in danger room improved
- AIs will stop when they have run out of EP less often
- If renderer fails initalisation, 640x480 mode is tried as a fallback before exiting
- Fixed: Sukhov's powers are now set correctly for his AI
- Fixed: Enraged enemies would attack those with lowest hitpoints first, now their target selection is based on distance only
- Fixed: Enemies would be alerted to power usage when their AI was disabled
- Fixed a graphics corruption bug with NVidia Detonator drivers v40.*
- Fixed game crashing after playing "Nick Of Time" in campaign danger room

- Speeding bullet knockback and damage increased
- Lightspeed attribute: damage bonus restored to 50%

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