Interview met Mark Skraggs over C&C: Generals
Gepost op Woensdag 15 Januari 2003 23:42 door Sander Dalemans

Computer and Video Games is erin geslaagd om een interview te houden met Mark Skraggs over Command & Conquer: Generals die binnenkort in de winkels ligt. De review gaat over hoe Command & Conquer: Generals is ontstaan en hoe de ontwikkeling liep, ook wordt er gevraagd naar eigenschappen van het spel. Het volledige interview is te vinden op Computer and Video Games.

How far can the Command & Conquer brand be taken? Indeed, how long will it be before the permutations for RTS games have been exhausted? There must be a limit to what you can do... ?

Skaggs: Interesting question. Let me start by answering the part about RTS games. I think RTS games will continue to evolve over time and in seven years will look as different from Generals as Generals looks different from the original C&C. Can the permutations be exhausted? Does there have to be a limit? I think the only way that will happen is if people stop being creative and pushing the envelope.

I do think however, that there is something fundamentally fun about controlling armies in real-time on a battlefield. I would think that there will always be a place for that type of gameplay. With respect to the C&C franchise and the Generals line of products, there are lots of different directions those can be taken, beyond RTS games.

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