Championship Manager 4 demo 14 februari beschikbaar
Gepost op Vrijdag 27 December 2002 15:33 door Nurer Gergin

Net wisten we nog te melden dat er nieuwe screenshots beschikbaar waren van Championship Manager 4. Nu kunnen wij jullie melden dat 14 februari er een demo beschikbaar komt van Championship Manager.

Het spel zelf staat gepland op 28 februari 2003 voor de UK. Wij in Nederland moeten nog een paar daagjes langer wachten.

Miles from Sports Interactive revealed some more information about their upcoming Championship Manager 4 demo in his Christmas speech. Here follow a small clip:

So, what will 2003 bring? Well, Eastside should see the light of day towards the end of the year, but there are a couple of other Sports Interactive products out before then...

The first will be the CM4 magazine (issue 2), and the demo for CM4. These will be released on Friday, February 14th.

The second will be Championship Manager 4. This is now looking hopeful for release on February 28th on PC & Mac in the UK, with non UK Eidos releases a few days later (Germany, France, Holland, Spain, South East Asia).

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