Linux patch v2166 voor Unreal Tournament 2003 nu beschikbaar
Gepost op Zondag 22 December 2002 14:37 door Nurer Gergin

Vrijdag wisten we in nog te melden dat er een nieuwe patch voor Unreal Tournament 2003 was gereleased. Deze was voor Win32 bedoeld. Vanaf vandaag zijn er ook patches beschikbaar voor de Linux gebruikers die Unreal Tournament 2003 naar v2166 brengen.

Following the Win32 patch earlier this week, the corresponding Linux client patch for Unreal Tournament 2003 is now available as well, likewise updating Penguin-powered editions of the multiplayer FPS by Digital Extremes and Epic Games to version 2166. As before, this is an incremental update (using the auto-updater is recommended) that adds demo recording and playback, as well as a huge number of gameplay, HUD/menus, AI, networking, mod support, D3D/OpenGL, audio and other changes. The matching dedicated server patch still seems to be at large.

Download de update vanaf 3D Gamer.

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