Unreal Tournament 2003 patch v2166
Gepost op Vrijdag 20 December 2002 15:27 door Nurer Gergin

Infogrames heeft een nieuwe patch voor Unreal Tournament 2003 uitgebracht. Het bestandje van 12mb patched je huidige versie (cliŽnt en server) naar de nieuwste versie 2166.

Unreal Tournament 2003 by Digital Extremes and Epic Games - retail v2166 patch for Win32

This patch is completely compatible with the retail version and previous patches - servers and clients of any flavor can connect with each other. This patch will not overwrite your ut2003.ini and user.ini files, except to update settings as necessary.

To use it with windows dedicated servers, rename it to ut2003-winpatch2166.zip,
open and extract it to a temporary location with winzip, and copy the system directory (subdirect
ory of UT2003patch) into the system subdirectory of your server installation.

Om de patch te downloaden en meer informatie te vinden klik hier.

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