New World Order patch v1.3
Gepost op Zaterdag 14 December 2002 23:57 door Nurer Gergin

Project 3 Interactive heeft een nieuwe patch voor New World Order gereleased. De nieuwe patch v1.3 bevat o.a. de volgende veranderingen:

Verhoogt je fps
Lost verschillende bugs op
De snelheid van de opbouw van de omgeving (rendering) kan tussen de 10% en de 25% verbeteren (hangt af van gebruikte hardware)

Voor de volledige Engelse fix lijst zie hieronder:

Problems solved V1.3:

- Massive texture and geometry compression added, loss
less. 35-45% (depending on map) off in memory usage
squeezes NWO into 256 megs of ram, even with the
largest maps, without needing to use virtual memory.

- 10-25% (depending on hardware) world rendering

- 25% player models rendering speedup.

- 50-60% Single player/coop fps increase.

- Code added that disengages not seen (DVA test) players
from the rendering / animation pipelines completely - to
further increase performance.

- Added server packet-routing auto-adapt code, that will
give a client that is maxing out his connection an evenly
distributed stream of packets from other clients.
Eliminates high network-speed clients taking up too much
of the available bandwidth to low-bandwidth clients,
which could cause lag.

- Improved server packet decide-to-route code to
eliminate transmission of un-needed packets.

- Improved client-to-server network transmission further.
Added auto-adapt code that down-throttles more

- Improved client-prediction code to be able to handle
out-of-order packets properly and to handle predictions
further ahead of time using a larger memory of previous

- Added lag-compensation layer that shifts time back a
little during lag conditions to get access to more
actual / real data of position and velocity.

- Fixed plant-the-bomb bug where you would keep a copy
of the bomb, after planting the bomb, if you had equipped

- Fixed bug where non-planting team could pick up bomb,
plant it, disarm it and win the round.

- Fixed round restart bug where too much of the message
queues would be flushed. Could cause instability.

- Fixed spectator bug that could cause crash.

Je kan de patch o.a. downloaden bij Gamers Hell.

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