Beta dedicated Linux server voor Battlefield 1942
Gepost op Dinsdag 10 December 2002 20:04 door Nurer Gergin

EA heeft een beta versie van de dedicated Linux server voor Battlefield 1942 uitgebracht.

Eindelijk kan Battlefield 1942 dan ook gespeeld worden op servers die Linux draaien. Deze beta versie zal het maar doen voor 30 dagen maar EA heeft beloofd daarvoor nog een nieuwe beta versie uit te brengen. Als alles volgens plan gaat komt EA dus zeer binnenkort met een officiŽle release van de dedicated Linux server en kunnen de servers ongestoord draaien op Linux.

To use this, quickly:

Unpack this tarball.
Edit mods/BF1942/Settings/ServerSettings.con
Run the server. It doesn't have to be run as root. However, it DOES need to be run from the directory where it's installed, and it wants write access to that directory.
Subscribe to the mailing list: to do so, send a blank email to ... discussion of server problems will occur there, so it will be in your best interest to subscribe.
Bug reports go to ... there is a Battlefield 1942 component in the bugtracking system. This is ONLY for bug reports and requests on the Linux version! NOTE: Win32 bugs will be marked "invalid"!
WARNING: THIS IS BETA SOFTWARE. Do not run it on production systems if it's important for it to be stable at this time. We appreciate your patience and well-worded bug reports.

Known issues:

If you see the message "STUB: Hope this isn't important" and such, disregard them. STUB messages are harmless debugging reminders for the developers and will go away in a later version.
If you see "(0): Error: : 1Failed to load", disregard it. This is a harmless message, too.
The "Couldn't open flat archive file "Mods/BF1942/Archives/sound.rfa"" message is safe, too; there's no sound or textures in the dedicated-only version.
Likewise, there's a lot of scripting warnings about missing sound/video functionality. Ignore them.
In fact, ignore anything written to your screen. :)

Je kan de files downloaden op de site van Worthplaying.

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