Warrior Kings: Battles site online
Gepost op Maandag 9 December 2002 16:02 door Nurer Gergin

Empire Interactive heeft de officiŽle site van Warrior Kings: Battles gelaunched. Warrior Kings: Battles is een RTS ontwikkeld door Black Cactus (o.a. bekend van Warrior Kings en Crusaders).

Je kan veel informatie over het spel zelf vinden op de site. Er zijn tevens erg veel screenshots en een trail te downloaden met ingame footage.


Many years have passed since Artos brought unity and peace to the lands of Orbis, as told in the events of Warrior Kings. He founded a dynasty that lasted 100 years, but the last Artosian ruler was assassinated by a fanatical zealot, bringing to an end years of stability. The ensuing struggle for power destroyed the fabric of the Empire, and it has collapsed in on itself, wracked by civil war, famine and disease. The Empire'' s death throes sent shockwaves of instability across the world, sucking down neighbouring nations into a terrible whirlpool of cataclysmic ruin.

Orbis has been plunged into chaos, and war has raged across the land like the fires of hell. This anarchy has even spread like a plague across the seas to the Empires of the South and East. Everywhere, the Empires, Nations, Kaliphates and Kingdoms of Orbis have collapsed in on themselves, breaking down into Baronies, Provinces and City States, where each man''s hand is set against his brothers in a terrible, bloody battle for survival and supremacy
You are the ruler of a small province, the last remnant of a once mighty nation. To survive, you will have to "Conquer or Die!"

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