Unreal Tournament 2003 hacks
Gepost op Donderdag 5 December 2002 21:58 door Nurer Gergin

Er zijn een paar belangrijke security hacks gevonden in Unreal Tournament 2003, zo meldt PlanetUnreal.

Het zijn wel externe hacks die je dus eerst zelf moet downloaden en installeren voordat ze effect kunnen hebben. Het gaat hier vooral om soort van trojans die je cd-key jatten.

Eerder hadden we ook al een mededeling over een "virus" die met je Half-Life cd-key vandoor ging. Dat berichtje is hier nog te lezen.

There are a few external hook hacks available for UT2K3 right now. And while they are not very useful some of them have a serious security risk inside.

When a new hack comes out to the public, I've either got it from the source, or it's sent to me by the honest people in the community (I tend to get 20 or so copies of the same hack within 24hrs). I install each one to test it's threat level. These tests take place on a lan network and not on live servers. At no time do I connect to a server or to the master server.

However, and this is important, all of these tests are done on a machine that has a marked CDkey and we track the usage of that key. So far, there have been at least 9 hits on that key. This means, some if not all of these hacks contain trojans to steal your key.

Consider yourselves warned.

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