Neverwinter Nights Patch v1.27
Gepost op Dinsdag 3 December 2002 10:59 door Nurer Gergin

BioWare heeft een nieuwe patch uitgebracht voor Neverwinter Nights. Je kan je spel updaten naar versie 1.27 via de auto update in het spel zelf of gewoon de patch downloaden en installeren.

Er is op de BioWare site ook een hele waslijst te vinden wat er allemaal gefixed is.

*Added Rat and Dire Rat to game resources - demo area included (select the "DEMO - Thar be Rats! Yarrr!" module in game by choosing "Other Modules...")

*Added support for Shiny Water for ATI Radeon users.

*Added an option for users to log client chat to the "logs\nwclientLog1.txt" file. The setting in the nwnplayer.ini file is:

[Game Options]

*Changed Journal system to allow for tokens.

*Added feedback to text window, for failed level-up attempts.

*Official Campaign fixes:

- Chapter 1 - Fixed the force-field door in the Beggar's Nest Warehouse.
- Chapter 1 - fixed a blank journal entry problem.
- Chapter 2E - made a symptomatic fix to the Host Tower: Pinacle bug - currently
broken save games will have to follow the instructions here.
- Chapter 3 - fixed a blank journal entry problem.
- Chapter 3 - fixed force field doors in Creator Race Ruins so that they are closed.

Je kunt alle patches en alle informatie erover op vinden.

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