Battlefield 1942 patch informatie
Gepost op Zondag 13 Oktober 2002 23:06 door Sander Dalemans

Op de officiele Battlefield 1942 site is wat informatie over een nieuwe patch te vinden. Ook is er te lezen dat de linux server nog debugged wordt. Er is ook een interessant stukje te lezen over hoe Battlefield 1942 cheat-vrij gehouden wordt. Je kunt het bericht hier lezen.

We're committed to making BF1942 as cheat-free as possible. Because most of the game calculations are handled on the server, people using cheats are finding it very difficult to profit from them. In fact, watching someone try the Speed Hack is just plain comedic. "C'mon soldier! Fire that gun! FIRE!!! Now...RELOAD!" LOL. In any event... we at EA and DICE will make you this pledge: If you find a cheat, send it to us and we'll do everything in our power to negate its effect in the game. Everyone deserves a fair game, right?

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