Tribes 2 patch
Gepost op Donderdag 26 September 2002 00:36 door Wouter Jansen

De Tribes 2 patch is nu beschikbaar. 4 oktober komt er een herziene retail versie uit van Tribes 2 met daarin de patch gebakken. Hier zijn de fixes sinds de laatste beta:

-Team repair message spam fix
-Fixed static shape crediting bug in CTF
-Added script hooks for death types
-Added crew name position for other players on vehicle
-Fixed adminlist bugs
-Fixed periodic camera jerks
-Added export/import named selections to Mission Editor
-Fixed bug where vehicle station was saving in mission improperly
- Added MissionCleanup to the mission group in the mission editor for viewing dynamic objects
- Fixed underwater color bug
- Object builder now drops objects correctly in the world
- Flags no longer stick to mission area boundaries
- Deploy object check better for organics
- Hard editor bind to F11 removed
- Players no longer damaged by destroyed vehicles (thanks script folks!)
- NetConnection now reports netgraph properly when simulated ping and packet loss are set
- Terraformer bitmap export working properly
- Options dialog no longer has News or Forums load screen selections
- Fixed bug where players would stop receiving updates from server
- Triggers now export properly
- Fixed up selection sync'ing between object list and world editor view
- Added delete group ability
-Changed netConnection's update to reflect old method of packet send timing
- Tweaked the ELF back up a bit
- Fix for telnetConsole crash
- Fix to get time console function
- Fixed state for math copro during update loops for proper object synch

De patch kan hier van Sierra's FTP en hier van 3DGamers gedownload worden.

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