Operation Flashpoint GotY edition aankondiging
Gepost op Woensdag 28 Augustus 2002 23:05 door Sander Dalemans

Dit najaar zal er een Game of the Year Edition beschikbaar zijn van Operation Flashpoint. Deze doos zal de campaign upgrades Cold War Crisis en Red Hammer, de volle versie van Resistance en de laatste patches bevatten. Op de site van Codemasters is meer informatie over dit paketje te vinden.

Penetrating ever deeper into million-selling Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis territory, comes Operation Flashpoint: Game of the Year Edition. Now raw recruits to the Flashpoint taskforce can lock and load for the impending conflict with just one complete package.

The award-winning game is fully loaded with every upgrade, add-on and expansion, including all vehicles, weapons and extra campaigns released to date. The incredible value represented by the Game of the Year Edition will have Flashpoint rookies rushing to sign up in hordes.

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