Return to Castle Wolfenstein GOTY uit
Gepost op Woensdag 26 Juni 2002 22:46 door Sander Dalemans

Vandaag is de Return to Castle Wolfenstein Game of the Year editie uit gekomen. De Game of the Year editie bevat de nieuwste Return to Castle Wolfenstein versie, nieuwe multiplayer maps, de WolfRadiant map editor en "The making of Return to Castle Wolfenstein" in AVI formaat. De press release is op Game Spy Daily te vonden.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Game of the Year offers all seven official post release multiplayer maps developed by Nerve Software and Splash Damage, including Chateau, Dam, Ice, Keep, Rocket, Tram and Trenchtoast. Plus, the special edition also features demos and trailers of several other popular titles powered by id Software's legendary Quake III Arena (TM) engine.

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